My name is Matthew McGarity. I am a former super-resident at Bruce Hall, the oldest occupied dormitory at the University of North Texas. During my time there, I was a resident; fire buddy; wing representative; hall association RHA representative, vice-president, and president; resident assistant; and assistant hall director.

I was also a history minor. In 1997, during Bruce Hall’s 50 anniversary, I used my academic skills to organize a team of researchers to document the history of the building. We reviewed old newspapers, magazines, photo archives, yearbooks, and even interviewed former residents.

In 1997, there weren’t good means for organizing such data. 10+ years later, we have those tools thanks to wikis and CMS platforms like WordPress. The intent of this site is to both preserve our work and provide a platform for continuing the documentation of that ancient, cockroach-infested lair we all loved.

Be sure to keep checking back. As I find time, I’ll post rare content from my own collection. If you have anything to offer, I’d love to hear how you could help. This isn’t just my site — it’s all of ours, and I want it to celebrate those great times we had at Bruce.