Site Updates 2012/02/16

I’ve spent several sleepless “daddy duty” nights changing things around on this site.

New Theme

I ditched the old theme in favor of Minimum, a very crisp child theme for Genesis by Studiopress. Along with the new look-and-feel comes some simpler backend maintenance.

Wiki Tweaks

To drive the actual wiki, I am using the WordPress Wiki plugin by WPMU. Since I am cheap (and Bruce Hall deserves no better!), I am using the lite version of their plugin. This version works quite well, but I did not like its delivered sidebar widget that lists wiki pages. So I modified the widget to:

  • Show an unlimited number of wikis. Previously this was limited to the default five (5).
  • List the wikis in order of post title instead of post order

In addition, I installed the plugin WP-Table-Reloaded, which allows users to easily maintain tables on the wiki. Previously, I was keeping tables KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) by handling them just via markup. But since WordPress’s delivered editor doesn’t care to accomodate tables, this plugin helps out. Although not as user-friendly as using a spreadsheet, it will allow for some complex table-based data recording down the line. Look on the D300 Wing sub-wiki to see an example of it in action!


The WordPress Wiki plugin provides for a Discussions tab, which threads comments for any particular wiki. However, the tab does not work with Genesis, the theme I am using. Until I can get it debugged, discussions are disabled on all current & future wikis. Not that there are a ton of people talking about wikis on this site just yet. Yet.