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Lobby Lizards are Bruce Hall residents who spend a majority of their time in the Lobby, so much so that they become identified with the room they lounge about. Lobby Lizards are famous for several activities, including napping on couches, sketchbook jams, playing Magic: The Gathering, engaging in lightsaber duels to the death, and flinging massive amounts of ninja playing cards.

Matthew McGarity's lone Lobby Lizard interview c. 1997, representing a typical specimen.

It is also a specific term, describing an individual who is elected as such at the regular Bruce Hall Association meetings. The “honoree” elected reigns as Lobby Lizard until the next meeting. Their sole responsibility is to be the subject of an interview administered by the person who nominated them. These interviews are then publicly posted in the Lobby. Typically, the interviews are done on large butcher paper, but otherwise no rules apply.